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Blogtober Day 19 & Day 20 – Catching up

After the weekend I had, I just didn’t find time to post yesterday. I figured I needed an explanation since I am trying to complete Blogtober (blogging every day in October).

First of all, this was wedding weekend. A good friend of mine got married on Saturday and I have, along with another good friend, been helping her plan for the past year. I had planned on going home Thursday night but I was too tired and stayed in to get some things finished up. Friday morning we slept in a bit (which I needed) and left for home around noon.

I had called my Mom to let her know that we were on the road but there was no answer. I thought nothing of it because it is not uncommon. We were stopped for a quick lunch about a hour outside town when the phone rang. It was my uncle calling and told me to hold on he was going to pass the phone to my Mom. Upon getting the phone Mom asked where we were and the proceeded to tell me that the ambulance was coming to get her. I didn’t believe her at first because she seemed alright. But she was telling the truth. She had fallen (I’m not sure if she tripped or her leg gave out on her) and she figured she had her hip broken.

So we by-passed our original destination and went to meet mom at the hospital. When we got there she was taken to get x-rays which confirmed the break. Good news was that she didn’t need a complete hip replacement but surgery was needed to add a nail or screw or whatever they called it. The break was somewhere near her joint. The surgeon came in and said that they had a nice few surgery’s to do so she may not get in that night but it would be done within 48 hrs. I ended up running to Wal-mart to get a few things for her and then she sent me off to make the wedding rehearsal at 7PM. Little did I know that she was told by the x-ray technician previously that she would have the surgery that night.

I got to the church at 7:02PM for the wedding rehearsal and felt bad I was late. Little did I know that the bride and groom, along with the parents of each weren’t there either. When they finally arrived we did the practice and left. Three of us (a friend, boyfriend and myself) went to pick up a screen needed for a slideshow that I spent all last week working on. This started issue number one for us. The screen was missing. After looking everywhere and not finding it we figured we’d put up a white sheet if necessary. The bride was having people back to her parents house so we ended going there afterwards. We didn’t tell anyone what was going on until we really had to. We ended up finding a white table-cloth to use and the grooms mother was going to look for a sheet for us to bring the next day. When all was said and done we ended up with a backdrop that someone from home uses to take photos. We then decided to tell the bride what was going on because we had to leave to pick it up. She was ready to panic but we assured we had it all taken care of.

When I got home I received a message from my sister saying that mom had her surgery. Apparently my oldest sister had been calling around and no one would tell her anything. She called different apartments. Finally they told her that she wasn’t in the ER nor was she on the Orthopedics floor where she was being placed so do the math. She had called the house an hour before I got home and was doing well. Apparently she had told my uncle to go to bed (which she always does hahaha) so we figured she was fine.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. We had hair appointments from 8-10 (ended up getting out around 11:30). The boyfriend, bride and I went to set up the screen and make sure all was well before she did her hair. While getting her hair done the sister of the bride called to tell us that the flower shop didn’t have the flowers ready and she couldn’t wait for them. We called the grooms mother who was going to get them. Well by the time we were off the phone with her the sister was calling back and saying that they would have them ready… another minor breakdown for nothing.

Once the bride got her hair done she went on with the sister for makeup. Once my hair was done, we headed to the church to make sure everything was done there and headed to the brides house.

Meanwhile I had sent boyfriend to bring things to my mom that she needed since I wouldn’t have time to make it in. He said she was doing well and she gave him a list of things for me to bring in the following day.

At the brides house we got ready for the wedding. Next minor issue was that the groom and groomsmen had disappeared for a few minutes. We quickly figured out where they went hahaha.

Soon it was time to go. I was excited for the friend and surprisingly not too nervous. The guy she had me walking with was pretty nice so that was a bonus. It didn’t make me feel as uncomfortable as I expected. The service was quick, simple and beautiful. From there we headed for pictures and managed to avoid the rain for the most part, which is something I forgot to mention. We were suppose to be getting a part of a hurricane that day. We kept telling the bride not to worry because rain on your wedding day was supposed to be good luck.

Another issue arose at the reception. One of the tables was missing from the seating chart. However a friend managed to get that all straightened out. Some great speeches were made and great stories shared. However, the stupid music on the slideshow didn’t convert right through different versions of the powerpoint and you know this bothered me greatly after spending so much time making sure it was perfect. No one could tell only me and the boyfriend and the other songs fell in good places so at least that was a bonus.

We stayed for the majority of the dance but ended up leaving before it was over completely because I wanted to try to make her gift opening and go see my mom before heading back to my home. I wasn’t able to make the gift opening though.

So yesterday we went to see mom before coming home. She was doing well and sitting up when we got there. She then told me that she knew when I left on Friday that she was having it done but didn’t want me to miss rehearsal or be thinking about her and it ruin my night. She wasn’t put to sleep for the surgery either. They gave her an epidural and she said she could hear them sawing through the skin and then drilling in the bones. Brave woman. It gives me the cold shivers just thinking about it.

We stayed with her for a while before making the 4-5 hr drive home. I plan on going back out when she gets out of the hospital because she’s going to need someone there with her. Right now we are not sure when that will be because she needs to be able to walk on her own (with the aid of a walker) before they will let her go home.

With all this happening I’m going to have to put looking for a job on the back burner for a while. I figure that one she’s doing better I could try to substitute at home for a bit while she’s getting back on her feet.

I’ve spent today dealing with a recall on my car and being tired. It’s been an eventful and draining weekend that’s for sure. How was your weekend?

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