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Blogtober Day 10 – Wedding DIY

A friend of mine is getting married in a week. We’ve been friends for most of our lives. I’ve been helping her out with some ideas and DIY decorations.

The first thing I made for her, following an image she found online, was a sign to place in the church. She doesn’t want to have the normal seating of the brides family on one side and the grooms family on the other side.


So me, being the crafty person I am, said ‘no problem’. I can create that sign for you easily. All it took was a trip to Dollarama, some patience, and numerous episodes of Bones.

Materials Needed:
Black Paint
Red Paint
Paint Brushes (the smaller brushes the better)
Canvas (size depends on personal preference)
Black Sharpie

I created the stencils myself by printing the outline of each word in a font that seemed suitable and cutting them out with an utility knife. This takes time but leaves you with an end product that is even and looks great. Once the stencil was completly cut, I placed it on the canvas exactly how I wanted the final product to look and traced it with a pencil. This gave me a rough outline indicating where I should paint. I just used this as a guideline and ended up fixing some of the letters using a freehand method in order to get them looking the way I wanted.

Once this was done I did a first layer of paint. Following this, I was left with the following:


I often claim I am some what of a perfectionist when it comes to any task I tackle, whether it be any from arts and crafts to cleaning. (Let’s not get me start on cleaning. Leaving the littlest speck on of dirt on the floor after sweeping or vaccummning drives me crazy!)

So to remedy the fact that I was not entirely pleased with that I did, I did another layer of paint. Once that dried, I went over all outlines with a black sharpie marker to make sure that the lines were as straight as I could possibly do freehand. Once that was done I did another coat of paint and left it for a while. After a few days I went back and fixed any noticable errors (or things that were driving me crazy by looking at it.. haha).

This was the finished product.


We plan on adding engagement pictures of the bride and groom on each side of please. These pictures will be cut out into the shape of a heart and pasted on there.

Do you include DIY’s on your blog? If so, leave a comment and a link to your blog. I’d love to read them. I’ve got a few more DIY’s that I’ve created for this wedding thanks to Pinterest. You never know when these will pop up!

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