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Blogtober Day 9 – Cleaning and Decluttering

For the past week or so I have been tackling small projects around the house to try to get it up to my standards. With my nephew moving in and visitors in the past month, I ended up with piles of things around the house that I needed to deal with. Most of these were things I moved from the room we set up for my nephew and needed to find new homes. I couldn’t seem to keep up with the normal tidying and the extra work. I was trying to do too much at once. I finally gave in to the mess and decided that my best bet was to tackle one room at a time. Just doing these small tasks in various places made it look as if I had done nothing the whole day and I was getting no farther ahead. It was stressful.

By decided to tackle one room at a time, I was beginning to see some progress. I started with my room first. I had been storing the clothes I’ve dubbed ‘work clothes’ in my spare room and had to move them to my closet. This not only cluttered by closet but meant I needed to find homes for other things that were being stored in the closet. Things began piling up and I had no motivation to tackle any of them. I started with my room because this was supposed to be a comforting place, one where we were suppose to sleep and become rejuvenated for any tasks the next day would bring. I was finding this wasn’t happening as easy because seeing the mess when I went to bed only brought on more stress. I have  managed to find a place for most things, along with discarding things that weren’t needed. I also found a pile of things to donate. This made me feel better.

My second task was our living room. There wasn’t a lot of clutter. I just needed to give it a good cleaning. I spent two half days moving all the furniture and dusting/cleaning each area. It took longer than I had planned because I had hurt my back some how last week and had to try not to increase the pain.

I’m currently working on my spare room at the moment. The first thing I did was wash all the bed-clothes and make the bed. Once this was done I tackled the closet and took everything that was in there out. I figured by doing this I was starting with a new canvas and could organize it anyway I wanted. It’s going good so far. I’ve also went through a pile of papers we’ve accumulated that needed to be filed. (It couldn’t be done before now because we couldn’t get at the closet and had a visitor staying there for a few weeks). My next task is to move all the ‘work clothes’ from my closet into this closet. We also plan to add an additional shelf to this closet to help store blankets. This is a good weekend task.

While doing these things I have also been cleaning my kitchen. While cooking supper each evening I would take a different area to tackle. I started by cleaning out and reorganizing the cupboards. I’ve cleaned out and organized our pantry, making a list of anything we’ve used up and needed to repurchase. I’ve done the same with our refrigerator.

It’s a great feeling to finally see things looking up. I haven’t been able to keep up on my normal cleaning because of these things and it’s been making me ill. I have a dust allergy that often leaves me feeling miserable the day after cleaning if a lot of dust has accumulated so I have to make sure I keep up on this. Not only does it make my feel better health wise but it leaves my home looking great as well.

I’m still in the process of finishing up and hopefully by next week I’ll have my house back to the way I want it. With that being said I challenge you to do the same and share any results with us, along with any tips and tricks you have when cleaning and decluttering your home.

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