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Blogtober Day 6 – Current Reads

Sometimes we just need an escape from the trials and tribulations of real life. My favorite way to relax and forget my worries is to lose myself in a good book.

“The world of books is the most remarkable creation of man. Nothing else that he builds ever lasts. Monuments fall; nations perish; civilizations grow old and die out; and, after an era of darkness, new races build others. But in the world of books are volumes that have seen this happen again and again, and yet live on, still young, still as fresh as the day they were written, still telling men’s hearts of the hearts of men centuries dead.” — Clarence Shepard Day

I’m currently reading a book by Kathy Reichs called Break No Bones. One of the currently favorite tv shows, Bones, is also based on the writing of Kathy Reichs. I have only read a few books written by Reichs but I have noticed both the similarities and differences between the characters in the tv show and in the book. Nonetheless, I find myself loving both.



I am also an avid magazine reader, although I try not to buy them so much because it becomes a little hoarding obsession. I still have piles of magazines packed away at home that I accquired as a pre-teen/teenager. Some of them I don’t want to part with as they include articles and photos (and some solely dedicated) to one of my favorite bands of the time (and I’ll be honest.. I still have a soft spot for them).

I’ve mentioned previously that I am an avid Youtube viewer. I’ve learned so much from the various videos I’ve watched in the past few years. I do subscribe to some of the bigger names and was excited to see Seventeen magazineĀ  devoted to Youtubers. I definitely had to check this one out.


I’ve got many book titles and authors packed away in my mind that I would love to read. I’ve been exchanging books with my 12 year old niece who has a similar love and taste for novels. She was the one who introduced me to Kathy Reichs and the Bones tv series. On my last visit we were chatting about books she’d like to receive for Christmas and I mentioned that I would like to read the City of Bones series. It had completely slipped my mind that she had the series and I returned home with four or five more books to read!

Today many people use some form of technology to read their books on. I haven’t fallen on that bandwagon yet as there is just something I love about actually holding a book in your hands. I know that using some form of technology will cut down on the amount of physical books we accumulate but I always view reading a book as an escape from the world of techology, even if it is just for a few minutes. With this being said, which do you prefer? What are you favorite books? I’m always interested to hear what others have to say.

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