Blogtober Day 5 – Jiggs Dinner

I’m from Newfoundland! Like many other places around the world we have our traditions; whether typical, unique, or just down right crazy. One of the common traditions found around Newfoundland is what we call ‘Jiggs Dinner’. This can be called many different things, depending on the area of the island an individual is from or their family. I normally just call this ‘Cooked Dinner’, although it can also be identified as ‘Sunday Dinner’, ‘Baked Supper’, ‘One Pot Meal’, ‘Boiled Dinner’ and the list can go on.


This is not something I normally cook for my boyfriend and I as it is just the two of us here. However my nephew is living with us this year for his first year of University and asked if I could cook something for him. So yesterday the boyfriend and I ventured out to a local farmers market to get some fresh veggies. Nothing beats fresh veggies in our eyes.

Basically with cooked dinner, all the veggies are thrown into a pot with some salt meat and boiled at intervals. In my family we normally put the salt meat in first (although I don’t use this myself) and then veggies such are carrots, turnip, and cabbage.


This boils while some form of meat is baking in the oven. Today we had a small chicken and a roast.


The chicken was stuffed with a homemade dressing (stuffing) of bread crumbs, salt, pepper, onion, savory, and margarine.

When the meal is almost cooked, the potatoes are placed in the pot.


Now my nephew wanted rice gravy. This was something I never heard of until my sister met her husband. To most people we tell about this it sounds like one of the strangest things in the world. However, don’t knock it until you try it. We made fun of the rice that we used because it wasn’t the kind normally used but it was our first time making it so what can you expect. Nonetheless it turned out great.


Overall, I think our supper tonight was a success. Are there any traditions that you and your family have – normal or strange?

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