Blogtober, Coupons

Blogtober Day 4 – Randomness

What a day! I spent the day out and about with the boyfriend and got a few deals. I found a coupon online last night for a free travel sized Aveeno lotion at Target and figured I would scoop that up. It is being put aside to add to a Christmas gift since I am not a big fan of lotions.

A few months back we upgraded our membership to Costco. We live close to one and often buy things we need there. We often look for deals there as well. Last week we received some coupons with some pretty good deals on items we always buy so why not take advantage of those! Score for us!!

And then I checked my email and had one from Starbucks rewards. Woohoo! It was buy one get one for Frapps. So we treated ourselves… why not right?

Other then that I used a few gift cards I have been accumulated in the past year. Overall it was a good day.

Right now I am actually typing this on my cell while sitting around a fire! Great ending to the day!!


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