Blogtober Day 2 – What’s in my Purse?!?

For some reason when I uploaded photos to write this blog post it said it was October 3rd. I can promise you that it’s not Oct 3rd where I am. The time is actually 10:58… right to the last minute hahaha.

So I’ve been cleaning my room most of the day. I spent a day last week switching around all the furniture, cleaning out the closet, and dusting. I didn’t get to finish it all before heading home for the weekend to spend the day with a friend of mine (Hi Manda, cause I know you probably read this) and the bride-to-be. I finished it up today, while watching some videos on decluttering. For some reason, this motivates me to keep going (even if some people don’t understand why people would post such things).

I’ve been seeing a lot of “What’s in my purse” videos on Youtube lately and, since I had some things to add to mine, I figured I would clean it out and share it with you all!

First of all, here’s my lovely Aero purse! It was a gift from my sister and family a few Christmases back. I keep going back to this purse because it is a crossbody, durable, and perfect for storage!

20141002_220856Here’s the inside… it all its messy glory!

20141002_220910Then I just dumped the entire contents on my bed! What a mess! I mean, why in the world do I need a full-sized hair brush in my purse? I think it was from an interview I went to a few weeks back. Wanted to make sure all my locks were in place I guess.


I decided for some reason I would show the contents of the purse by spreading it out. Because you know, we all need to see the messy bits one by one. As you can see the contents include: a hair brush, pills for headaches, a half empty water bottle, three pack of gum (who needs THREE packs of gum?), some of the fancy Canadian monopoly money (hahaha), tic tacs, a Baby Lips, neon colored bandaids, a stir stick from Starbucks (again.. what?) hair ties/clips, a pen, candy from my nephews 16th birthday supper at Jungle Jims, a car charger, and many recipts/random pieces of paper!


But wait!!! There’s more! I have a few little bags and took the contents of each out for your viewing pleasure. The top left bag is from Ipsy. It’s empty but I normally keep it in there to hold my cell phone. Next to that is an Aero wallet I’ve had for years. The bottom blue bag, again from Ipsy, was holding blotting sheets and Fisherman’s Friends. The green bag (again from Ipsy), holds just a pair of earphones. Some things are definitely missing from them (and found in the previous picture as they were located at the bottom of the purse!)

20141002_221223 So… let the cleaning begin. I first started with my electronics bag. The metallic one normally holds the cords to my cell phone, a portable charger I have, and some earphones. I also added the car charged to this afterwards. The green one holds my IPOD and earphones. I normally keep my IPOD with me to play music in the car.

20141002_221737 Next is the blue bag. I normally keep random things in here that I may need. Some extra cash, a pen, some hair ties/clips, blotting sheets, pills for headaches, bandaids, and body spray. I also added some Fisherman’s Friends and allergy medications to this bag.20141002_222001I changed out my wallet for one that my niece bought for me last Christmas! It’s a little more appropriate for Fall. I also added two things that I normally carry. The first, given to me by a lady that I rented from a few years back while living away for work, which includes gift cards I need to check and the wristlet that I keep my everyday cards and my license in so I can just grab that instead of my whole purse when needed.

20141002_223036 Here’s the entire contents of the purse once organized and cleaned. I threw out all the garbage, put the brush away and took out the water bottle (I’ll just add one when needed). I also added a little change purse I picked up while visiting Niagara Falls in August, a nail clipper set (because it annoys me to no extent when my nail breaks and it keeps hooking into things), and a foldable, reusable bag that I received in the welcome bag for the Come Home Year celebrations this summer in my hometown. I also put the gum and candies back, cause you never know when you’d need them.


I feel much better that things are being cleaned. I was gone for most of August, then had visitors and my nephew move in with us. I’m still trying to find a home for everything that we had stored in the room we gave to him. It’s slowly beginning to look more like my home now!

So with that, I leave you with this question: What are the three things that are always in your purse or that you cannot leave home without?
And if you have any blog posts or videos similar to this posts…please leave it in the comments below!!

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